How To Travel Cheaply as a Student

(Or not as a student). Travelling and being a student are two things that often don’t work together as well as we would hope, especially because we’re much poorer than we planned to be before we became a student. I have five super simple steps for being able to travel cheaply as a student- some may seem pretty obvious but to me they’re crucial to making travel affordable!

1. Use specific sites 

Sites which are specifically aimed at students aren’t often as budget friendly as other websites. A really good website is Skyscanner is one of the better travel websites due to its option to search ‘everywhere’. This is really useful when you’re looking for a cheap break somewhere but aren’t necessarily too fussy over where this somewhere is. This feature combined with searching for the ‘cheapest month’ is a good way to find a really cheap holiday. It allows you to compare the cheapest places across a whole month and from there you can find out which are the cheapest days- for example, Germany for as little as £25 return; Dublin from £15 return (based on travelling from the UK).

2. Take advantage of public transport

This point is most relevant when travelling around cities. Flight transfers are extremely tempting but also really expensive, and they’re often not worth the money. The customer information desks in airports will always help you get to where you need to be, whether it’s by bus or by train, most airports have access across the cities or the country you are in. Flight transfers can cost well above £50 each way whereas a bus can be as little as a couple of pounds. This is a huge save for the rest of the trip and can also make the holiday more affordable. Checking public transport information online before going is also useful as this can save a lot of time once you get there.

3. Stick to hand luggage

Adding multiple bags is much more costly than just taking one carry on. The carry on sizes are usually extremely lenient and do allow for a sufficiantly sized case. Especially for only a few days away (sometimes even more) big bags don’t always make sense. This also saves time when you land as you can walk straight out of the airport after security and don’t have to have the dreaded wait for hold luggage.

4.Get up early, make the most of your time

This may seem obvious but getting up earlier rather than having lie- ins is a way to cut down the days you are away for, ultimately cutting the cost of the travel down. Planning in advance is a great way to save money this way as it means you can get everything done in a shorter amount of time. Although for some people this isn’t an option, as lie-ins are a necessary part of the holiday.

5. Eat cheaply and stay cheaply

Eating in restaurants, although nice isn’t always necessary, especially when most places have fast food joints around or smaller cafes. Eating on the go is of course also another option to make the most out of your travel. Hostels are also a really good option, they’re much cheaper than hotels and also a lot of the time much more sociable. Specific student hotels are also a good choice, these often offer discounted prices for students, making travel much more affordable.


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