Paradise isn’t so hard to find

We often dream of travelling to these long lost or majorly exotic places but we forget the places we have right on our doorstep. One of my favourite holiday destinations EVER is Cornwall and this may seem strange but here are three (out of many) reasons why:

1. Kynance Cove

This beach is famous for its tropical looking blue waters and the caves running around it. It’s insanely beautiful & like I said, you don’t have to spend a bomb or travel super far to get here.



2. Secret Beaches

There are soo many hidden beaches in Cornwall that you stumble upon by accident or a local tells you about. My Dad and Gran first showed us what has to be one of my most favourite places- a beach and no matter what we have always been the only one’s on it.




3. St. Ives

St. Ives is one of the more tourist places but a must see in Cornwall nevertheless. It has a long stretched beach & cute little shops running through the town. The back streets actually have a look of Greece, with the white houses and colourful roofs.




Katy x

Also let me know in the comments if you prefer blog posts with more writing or more pictures, that would be really helpful, thanks!


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