President Trump & Human Rights

Whilst this is a very, very different blog post I feel it is one I needed to write. I could go on and on about Trump and his person, as many people have rightfully done (in my opinion) a great concern, for me, is that of human rights.

Trump, as anyone knows, is infamous for his hateful campaigns and hateful proposals. His campaign was largely defined by hatred, rhetoric and prejudice and this DOES have an impact on human rights, whether we want to believe it or not- all across the globe.

He is against abortion (pro- life) and has declared he will take away funding which allows abortions to happen, he is sexist, racist and can sure be described as MANY MANY MANY other awful terms. Terms we do not want to use when describing the president of The United States, but unfortunately, have no choice. He is the president of one of the most powerful countries in the world and so this only makes his hatred based campaigns even more threatening- especially in terms of human rights.

Although, we can do something. On behalf of Amnesty International we can send emails to Trump entitled ‘Will you stand up for human rights, President Trump?’. This may seem so irrelevant, in that emails cannot change Trump’s plans but this is where the number of people who send this email come into place. Amnesty has succeeded in many human rights cases by simply putting pressure on these people (such as Trump) in the form of emails, petititions etc. The number of emails received on behalf of Amnesty will make a difference and every individual has the chance to send one and therefore stand up for human rights.

By following this link-

The message is already pre- written but if you have some views of your own you can add and change the message completely, however it makes it slightly less daunting when writing an email based on human rights:

I’m contacting you on behalf of Amnesty International, to urge you to make human rights a priority in your administration. To this effect I ask that you commit to the following:

• Uphold protections for human rights defenders
• Protect the rights of people fleeing conflict and crisis by not allowing America to turn its back on refugees 
• Halt the sale of weapons to governments that commit human rights abuses 
• Close the Guantánamo Bay Detention Camp
• Unequivocally renounce torture

Every day in office, every choice you make will define your legacy. You can choose to leave the world a better place or one in which hatred, fear and discrimination grow stronger. We urge you to renounce hate and choose human rights.

If you have the time in your day to send an email by following the link provided, even if you don’t think it will help- it takes two seconds and no harm is done.

Sorry for the change of tone in blog post, but this is so important (so I’m not that sorry) and thanks for taking the time to read x

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