Review: The Unibox for students

Aimee and Daphnee from The Unibox were kind enough to send me the February subscription box. Being a student I was super excited to receive the package and now I’m just as excited to share with you guys the contents. The Unibox is a subscription box for every month and it is a care package for students. This is ideal for parents or family members to buy for the person at university. I think it would be something to look forward to every month and truly a great treat.



A great thing about The Unibox and what makes it so unique is how personal the box is. You receive each month a personalised message, which is a really nice touch and gives the box that more homely feel, which is great when you’re at uni.


Inside the box: Being a coffee lover I was immediately drawn to the travel mug and the Little’s chocolate caramel flavoured coffee. The coffee tastes great and the travel mug is just an essential for every day uni life.

I was also really excited when discovering there were four different types of treats in the box including; a Nom oat bar, two mallow and marsh bars and some quibbles nuts. The marshmallow’s definitely have a luxury feel to the packaging and as much as I would like to, being veggie someone else will have to do the taste test! Yet, there is something for everyone as the Nom bar is gluten free and suitable for vegetarians (it was delicious).


Living at uni, sometimes eating well isn’t always a priority, especially when you have been torn away from your Mum’s amazing cooking. This is why I think it’s such a great idea to include the vitamin spray and I will definitely be using this MultiVit oral spray. The spray is super small so can be carried around to be simply used as a vitamin boost.

Overall, I think The Unibox is a great idea and I would recommend purchase, especially as a gift for someone just before they go to university. You can still purchase this box off their website at !

Hope you enjoyed reading! Katy xx


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