Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him and for Her

Valentine’s day can be super hard to buy gifts for, because it’s supposed to be cute but alaso hard not to be too cringe. So I’ve put together a gift guide with 3 things for him and 3 things for her, at all different prices to hopefully offer some inspiration.

For Her:

  • However cliché or unoriginal; on valentines flowers are a must (in my opinion). It’s just a thing that is always done and flowers and a card are the number 1 gift. Flowers can be super cheap, by picking up a bouquet from the supermarket, although some online shops sell amazing luxury flowers which are just that little more special. A really good website is as these sell a variety of flowers and also other gifts; such as the chocolate and the even more cliché teddies (which girls are also guilty of loving). Taking us to Build a Bear workshop also won’t be overlooked!
  • Jewellery is always a good option on Valentine’s, whether you want to make it significant to Valentines Day by buying a heart shaped piece or just keep it simple with something you know she will wear; you can never go wrong with jewellery. Tiffany’s pieces are really delicate (my favourite’s being the necklaces) and recently Pandora’s rings are extremely popular. Tiffany’s are more delicate whereas Pandora’s jewellery have ranges specifically for valentine’s day. These retail between an average of £60- £150 upwards.
  • Personalised novelty gifts can be humorous but also really loving. A mixture of both is always good and novelty gifts are a good way of not spending too much money but allowing the gifts to be meaningful. A great website for personalised and novelty valentines gifts is which features a range of products and a range of different prices. These websites make it super easy to navigate around and they have specific sections for Valentines Day, making it really easy to just browse through hundreds of products.

Mug- £14.25 and the ‘I love you because’ print- £34

For Him:

  • Experience days and trips away are always a good option on Valentines and it is something the both of you can look forward to. Men can be really hard to buy for and so experience days allow you to not buy ‘stuff’ and buy something you know he will enjoy. Websites specifically for experience days usually do gift vouchers, so if you are unsure as to which day he would enjoy the most; he can pick himself. Examples of the experiences include (for couple’s found on spa treatments, hotel breaks (luxury and cheaper deals) and meals. You can also buy an experience just for him such as a driving experience with a ‘super car’, indoor skydiving and football stadium tours. There are literally hundreds of ideas and I would really recommend browsing through experience days if you are stuck for a Valentine’s gift.

Experience days range from less than £50 to over £250 (these are the price brackets on the website).

  • Jewellery for men can be tricky to buy but can also end up being a really great gift. Rings and necklaces / chains are always my first options. For the high end, luxury jewellery for men I would recommend Vivienne Westwood. The rings for men come in all different styles, some are chunky and some are more dainty and sometime’s it’s nice to receive something more luxury on Valentines Day. The orb jewellery is my favourite as it is distinctively Viviene Westwood and personally I love the design. For something a little more affordable my go to site is ASOS. They have so much in terms of men’s jewellery there is definitely something for everyone and with jewellery ranging from as little as £3 you really can’t go wrong. From ASOS I reccommend the chunky chains/ necklaces as they have so many different designs and they really aren’t too expensive.

Vivienne Westwood men’s oxidized silver ring- £50 and ASOS coin necklace- £8

  • Chocolate for men always work as a little add on present, as with chocolate it can be novelty and it can also be serious. Again, it can also be as expensive or inexpensive as needed and just works to make the Valentines gift that little bit larger in a really easy way. For the men who love gaming Friar’s do a chocolate game- console for only £2.99 and this can be ordered online. These kinds of gifts are humorous but also really personal so work well for Valentines Day. Friars also do more luxury chocolate’s especially for Valentines Day such as the Signature chocolate collection for £36.99 or the Valentines Gift box which also includes alcohol, biscuits and toffee for £24.99.

I hope you have found this post useful! Also a small disclaimer- none of these images are mine but all are taken from the websites stated throughout. Thanks for reading, Katy x



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