How To Travel Cheaply as a Student

Currently in Italy so a blog post about this will be up next week! But for now I’ll re blog this as my internet isn’t good enough to write a new one now ! Thanks for reading if you haven’t done so already x


(Or not as a student). Travelling and being a student are two things that often don’t work together as well as we would hope, especially because we’re much poorer than we planned to be before we became a student. I have five super simple steps for being able to travel cheaply as a student- some may seem pretty obvious but to me they’re crucial to making travel affordable!

1. Use specific sites 

Sites which are specifically aimed at students aren’t often as budget friendly as other websites. A really good website is Skyscanner is one of the better travel websites due to its option to search ‘everywhere’. This is really useful when you’re looking for a cheap break somewhere but aren’t necessarily too fussy over where this somewhere is. This feature combined with searching for the ‘cheapest month’ is a good way to find a really cheap holiday. It allows…

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