Cruelty- Free Beauty: Make the change

“Cruelty free”- A term that many of us find off-putting and daunting In that we will have to sacrifice all our beloved and favourite makeup brands in order to turn cruelty free. However, this is not the case, with 100’s of beauty brands turning cruelty-free; it really isn’t as hard as you may think to turn your beauty completely cruelty free.


Cruelty-free beauty literally means that no animals are harmed in making the product- the product itself isn’t tested on animals and the ingredients used in making the product also aren’t tested on animals. In this day and age, there is no reason to test beauty products on animals at all. Alternatives to animal testing, such as computer simulation, have proved much more successful. So why do companies still continue to test on animals? – Simply so they can state that the product has been tested, regardless of the fact that the product may have blinded or poisoned the animal.



In 2013 it was made illegal for any cosmetics or their ingredients to be tested on animals in Europe and in the European Union- A huge success. However, companies still find ways of getting around this due to testing in other countries. In China it is mandatory for all cosmetic ingredients that are imported into the country to be tested on animals.



The effects of testing cosmetics on animals is truly heart breaking- animals are blinded, poisoned and even killed. Yet, the hurdle of turning cruelty free seems much larger than it actually is and in fact many brands (which people may not know are) are cruelty free. I have created a list of my top five beauty brands which are completely cruelty-free to demonstrate that it is much easier than you think!

1. Nyx has to be my all-time favourite and go to beauty brand. It’s affordable and the liquid lipsticks and eyeshadows make great dupes for high end, non- cruelty free brands, such as MAC!

2. Eco Tools. Wow. This brand. Their products are not just cruelty-free but vegan too, their packaging is ‘tree free’ and the handles of the tools are 100% bamboo which is renewable as it is the fastest growing plant on the planet! Their motto is to create a more beautiful world- an amazing philosophy to live by.

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills. A more expensive brand but also an extremely popular one, especially recently. The price, however, is definitely worth it for the dreamy highlighters and eye palettes!


4. Of course Lush also pride themselves on being 100% cruelty-free and actually fight against animal testing. So we can have our sparkly pink bubble baths in even more luxury, as no animal has been harmed in the process!

5. E.L.F. I am in love with everything E.L.F. This affordable drugstore cosmetic company is extremely popular, and many wouldn’t know it’s cruelty-free. With products starting as little as £3 you really can’t go wrong.

Thanks for reading, let me know your favourite beauty brands! Katy x


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