Amsterdam: Travel Diary 

Last year I visited Amsterdam twice, February and June and I would still love to go again. This place is honestly amazing, the city, the things to do, the food. The first time I stayed out of the city and had to get the train in everyday, which I would not recommend as you can stay super cheap in the centre anyway.

There is so much to do in Amsterdam and I would recommend visiting at least one of the galleries. There are so many so it is hard to pick which one. I would recommend the Van Gough museum as I love a lot of his art work, however, I do remember it being pretty pricey- about 17 euros to get in. The second time I went to Amsterdam we went to an Andy Warhol and Banksy exhibition which was amazing. Amsterdam in the summer is especially great because they always have so many events running.


I also believe you cannot go to Amsterdam without visiting the Anne Frank house. Although it’s extremely saddening it is definitely a place everyone needs to see. It’s so moving and of course, it is sad but I think we all need to acknowledge the events that happened in the war. It’s important in terms of history and ensuring history doesn’t repeat itself.


Although, in Amsterdam the joy is that you really don’t have to spend much to have the best time because simply walking through the city is a day in itself. There are so many cool back streets and there is always something new and interesting to discover. The city is beautiful and like no other place. I also recommend a canal tour (We were too poor to afford a boat tour so we caused havoc in pedalos). It’s also really interesting to pedal past the houses on the water which people live in as it is something I have never seen before.


When in Amsterdam it’s pretty hard to avoid the ‘other side’ which of course comes in the form of coffee shops and The Redlight District. We visited the Red Light Museum which is super interesting and `I really do recommend visiting, it’s also really cheap entry along with the Sex Museum itself which is a bit more of a laugh rather than being as serious as The Red Light Museum. The Redlight District is something completely different and although it can make you feel uncomfortable it is worth a walk round as we don’t have that culture at all and so it is an interesting (to say the least) experience.


Amsterdam is so much fun and doesn’t have to be a huge spend either. We managed to find an amazing price (I can’t remember exactly how much) for three nights in The Student Hotel West, I would really recommend staying here as the location is great and the rooms are also amazing for the price!


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed! Katy x


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