Zante & Guide to a girl’s holiday

Last summer I went to some pretty awesome places and one of those was Zante on a girls holiday. I have never been to mainland Greece but now I definitely want to. Zante was the perfect place for a girls holiday but also an amazing place without alcohol in mind. I would like to go back again as we didn’t visit the shipwreck beach, which is the most famous view in Zante so I am pretty gutted we didn’t go.

We went on September 1st to around September the 10th. Ten days I think is a bit too long for a girls holiday, I would recommend around 7 days but it all depends on what you are going for. As it was September we got it super cheap (around £280 each for flights and accommodation booked through Thomas Cook). It really wasn’t quiet either, we were a bit worried about this but September isn’t the end of the season yet so for the price I highly recommend looking for dates in September.

Hotel 1hotel 2hotel 3

We stayed in ‘Splash Studios’ in Laganas. It is on the cheaper side but the rooms were nice enough and each has its own en- suite. However, you do have to pay for wifi and air conditioning. The bar also serves food and cheap, also very strong cocktails. At the start of the holiday reps usually come round and try to persuade you to buy the whole package of events and although it does include a lot of things, I wouldn’t advise buying everything as there are a lot of separate events you will hear about.

zante 1zante 2zante 3

In Zante itself the weather is amazing, even in September it reached 30 degrees. We spent a lot of time lounging around the pool area in the hotel. We also visited turtle Island and went on a glass bottom turtle boat. I had never done anything like this before and it is really cheap to do. If I go to Zante again I would like to visit Shipwreck Island and also visit the old towns of Zante as we mainly stayed around the Laganas area.

food 1
alcoholdrink 3

Eating and drinking is super cheap in Zante and also really cheap. I 100% would not advise full or even half board as you can eat so cheaply and also drink so cheaply. There are so many fast food places on the ‘strip’ and things like pizza slices for one euro make it so easy to do a girls holiday on a budget. My favourite place to eat was Zando’s. The food was amazing and I am so sad I can’t find the pictures of it. They offer a deal of three courses and unlimited drinks (alcoholic) for 12 euros and the full English breakfast was around 2 euros. The clubs in Zante are extremely fun, my favourites being cherry bay and cocktails and dreams. Although my favourite night was the paint party which I really recommend, they’re so fun. When going out some places are more expensive than others so we found it best to find an emptier bar as these had the best deals on, such as angels which offered 3 shots, 2 cocktails and a fish bowl for 5 euros! Then going to the better clubs, later on, seemed like the best shout.

I would love to go on another girls holiday but I may try somewhere else and it won’t be for a while as there are other types of holiday I want to go on first! Hope you enjoyed reading, Katy x

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