Travel Diary: Dublin

I have wanted to visit Ireland for a very long time and of course, my first choice was Dublin as it is the capital! The price of flights and accommodation can be extremely cheap: we paid £46 for return flights and one night stay (11th April). If you use sites such as skyscanner in advance you can get return flights for around £30 (based on Ryanair flying from Manchester) but we were impatient and wanted to go as soon as possible. We stayed in Abrahams Hostel which is right in the city centre and I would really recommend staying there as the location is perfect and we got a dorm of 12 for $12 each (with 5 of us staying there).

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The city itself is extremely interesting and whilst not being one of the prettiest cities I have been to; the quirkiness and uniqueness makes up for it (although when we went the road works may have been the aspect spoiling the view). The expense of Dublin, however, was the down point of the trip. Everything cost- to go inside the cathedral, the castle, the museums. Also, the price of everything is extortionate. I paid $9 for pint of cider and $14 for a double vodka lemonade, so definitely a place to pre- drink in your accommodation if you are wanting to go out!


We visited the castle which is lovely to walk around but we didn’t go inside due to the cost. I highly recommend the gardens surrounding the castle, they’re super pretty and also free! We also went to look at the cathedral which again is nice to look at but costs to go in! Before we went to Dublin we had heard The Temple Bar area was a great place to visit and so we made a point to visit here.


I loved this area, it was quirky and my favourite aspects of Dublin were the pubs in the day as they have a great atmosphere. Although, I much preferred ‘The Auld Dubliner’ in the centre rather than ‘The Temple Bar’ due to the constant live music and the business of the place. They also sell food but you do have to sacrifice around $10 for a drink and a sandwich. Overall, I would not recommend Dublin for its nightlife from our experience (I much preferred the day drinking!) We ended up staying in pubs as the clubs were limited but also picky as to who they let in. Some places you have to be 21, some 19, some have dress codes, but the atmospheres in the pubs are definitely worth missing out on the clubs as they are just so much fun and it is definitely the busiest I have seen pubs during the day.


Overall, Dublin was so much fun and I loved the trip. However, I would recommend waiting to go and saving up so you can make the most of the pubs in the day and also you may be in more of a chance of getting into the clubs if you are 21. The city is extremely quirky especially down the sidestreets and whilst the price of things is certainly off-putting, it is definitely a city worthwhile seeing!

Thanks so much for reading & Happy Easter!

Katy x


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