Best Travel Sites on a Budget

There are so many websites that claim to offer cheap travel and holidays, but some of these are not any cheaper than travel companies whereas some really do have some amazing travel deals. These include: Holiday PiratesGroupon and Kayak. Each is best for different things so I’m going to tell you how to use each site to make the most out of the travel deals they offer!

Holiday Pirates

Holiday Pirates has to be my favourite travel site because some of the deals are just amazing. I would definitely say this site is the best for longer and further away holidays or travelling as they offer the best long haul deals by far. Although, the deals closer to home (ie. Europe) are also often amazing too. It is a package holiday website and so you buy everything all at once; flights and hotel. Those closer to home are just so cheap, for example based on today’s search I have found a Greece getaway including return flights, 7 nights hotel, transfers and luggage for £86pp!

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 13.55.26.png

This site also has a search function, so if you have somewhere specific in mind you can search it although I think it is great to just browse through the cheap deals to see what you can find! Holiday’s further afield are also super cheap, again just browsing now I have found a package to New York with a 4 night stay at The Hilton and return flights for £490pp! Although, if you have little money at the moment stay off this site because it is just too tempting! This is definitely the best travel website I have found and I highly recommend it.

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 13.59.35.png


I never knew Groupon was good for travelling, I always used Groupon for birthday presents such as experience days and never clicked on the travel option, but you can actually get some pretty good deals on Groupon. Often rather than being package holidays they are more just the flights or hotel, but these deals can still be really fab. Although Groupon often focuses on England breaks they do offer some further afield. They also offer much more luxury deals such as a 4* break and spa in Cheshire. Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 14.16.51.png

The best place I have found in terms of long haul on Groupon is definitely Morocco, offering flights and hotels separately and many different deals. They also do some pretty cool America packages, on includes 8 nights and tour through New York, Las Vegas and San Franciso for £699pp including flights which is a really good price!


Although Kayak probably isn’t the best for deals and packages, it is the best site for searching exactly where you want to go rather than browsing through the deals. It compares prices across a range of sites to find the cheapest deal and so is perfect when you have a set destination in mind. Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 14.22.05.png

The search bar is super basic and easy to use, it’s also really quick to do just for a brief search so I really recommend Kayak as it saves a lot of time rather than browsing various different travel websites as this compares a large range of travel websites!

Thanks for reading & hope this post has helped in some way! Feel free to let me know of any other travel websites I haven’t mentioned, I would love to know about them, Katy x


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