Best Vintage Shops in Manchester

I love vintage clothes shopping but sometimes it can be super hard to find anything good or even find a bargain. Especially because vintage clothes are so on trend right now, prices for vintage clothes have certainly gone up this past year. Living in Manchester I have managed to find a few vintage shops I really do like and I would like to share those with you! I especially love The Northern Quarter as you can probably tell from my post a few weeks ago on the cafes in The Northern Quarter and so a lot of the vintage shops I visit are located here. I am not going to include Afflecks Palace as I feel this is an obvious one (sorry if you don’t live in Manchester and haven’t been to Afflecks- but this is a must not just for vintage but for EVERYTHING.) These will also not be in any order!


COW Manchester

The company We Are Cow is definitely one of my favourites for vintage clothing and luckily they also have a website @ However, the Manchester store is a pretty big one and I really love browsing through all they have to offer. It has a mixture of prices, maybe not the best place for a bargain but you can certainly pick up some great items. Topshop have also started stocking COW on a small rack however I think the online store or the Manchester store is much better, I think they also have a store in Sheffield too.


Thrift Shop

Thrift Shop is definitely the place for a bargan. Many items are less than £4 and they often have really amazing deals on such as 3 for £10 on clothing items. This shop is more  out of the way than The Nrthern Quarter Quarter as it is in Picadilly but it is deffo worth the walk for the complete bargains on offer. The staff are all really nice here too, this is one of my favourites!


Blue Rinse Vintage

I haven’t been in Blue Rinse as much as the others but I do really like it. These also have an online shop @ They also have another store in Leeds. It is on the more expensive side but they have some really cool items to offer. It has a super large collection of retro football shirts if you are a fan.

blue rinse

Pop Boutique

Pop Boutique also have a smaller store located in Afflecks Palace but also a larger one in The Northern Quarter. I absolutely love Pop Boutique, especially for the Levi shorts (they have loads and loads for different prices and in different colours). The prices here can be  more expensive but the items always tend to be really great condition and also really on trend.

pop boutique.jpg

Hope this post helped if you are on the look out for some vintage shops! If not, most of these have websites which are definitely worth checking out!

Thanks for reading, Katy x



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