The Manchester Attack- no words can ever be enough

I didn’t know whether to do this post, I didn’t (still don’t) know what to name this post or how to go about writing this post. This post will be about the Manchester attack which occurred on Monday the 22nd May. This post will be my response and I am currently free writing.

Manchester- my home was attacked, I first heard this at work and it was a shock- but I didn’t know the extent of it, I didn’t know it was a terror attack, I didn’t know people had died, I didn’t know children had died.

What happened in Manchester is a travesty. You never expect these things to happen it always seems like it’s a world away and of course you grieve for those involved but it really hits home (whether it should or shouldn’t) when tragedies occur at home. When lovely people your family know are killed, it is a strange feeling. A mixture of grief, sadness, a sense of loss, being at a loss and it is a feeling like none other.

But this post isn’t about me. This post is about the 22 innocent lives that were stolen last Monday and this post is about their wonderful families and this post is about Manchester and the people of Manchester. My heart absolutely breaks for those lives lost. My heart and millions of other hearts around the globe bleed for: Nell Jones, Martyn Hett, Sorrell Leczkowski, Michelle Kiss, Marcin and Angelika Klis, Kelly Brewster, Olivia Campbell, John Atkinson, Alison Howe, Lisa Lees, Safie- Rose Roussos, Goergina Callander, Jane Tweddle- Taylor and the other victims who have not been announced publicly (I will add to this). My heart also goes out to the families and friends of these amazing lives took too soon. It is incomprehensible that these people were targets; children of 8, teenagers of 14, mum’s of 46. They had so much life to live and so much left to give. These people were cruelly stolen from the world and whilst they were missed their lives shall be celebrated and they shall be remembered for who they were and what they loved.

One thing is for sure and that is the love that came out after this. I am proud to say I am from Manchester. Taxi drivers offered free lifts, people brought food and drink to the emergency services, people (my friends) took people in off the street, people tended to the injured. The moving story of the two homeless men who have been treated so harshly showed ultimate love and compassion when helping those on the scene. This tells me that love really is all there is and when people come together in times of terror it does make living in this cruel cruel world worthwhile. It seems strange looking at the news and my home being broadcast everywhere, but I am thankful for technology- for the togetherness and community it provides. It is so amazing that people from around the world come together and unite. There is one things these terrorist attacks will never do and it is the very thing they try to do: that is break us. People will continue to live and people will not be in fear. People will continue and people, especially the people of Manchester do not give up.

‘This is Manchester and we do things differently here’

The normalness of these people is what breaks me, the text Olivia sent to her boyfriend moments before the attack- saying she was having the best time and he replied that he will see her tomorrow. Wow, do these moments hit home. We need to learn from these incidents that these moments can happen anywhere and to anyone and this is the world we live in. We need not to teach each other to not go out and not do things, but to love all things and everyone. We do not know when the time we see someone will be the last and doesn’t that make grudges seem pathetic. We need to teach each other not to stay in and be afraid of the world but to live each and every day with love and compassion, the only thing we have against these people is that we continue to live and be happy. Incidents like this make you realise what is important in life and all that matters in these short lives we have is being happy, and those people who died on Monday at that concert were doing exactly that- being happy. I will not stop going to concerts or gigs or the city, I will go and I will be happy to be there and this is how I will fight back. Ariana shouldn’t be sorry for what has occurred, it is not her fault. She made those people happy and happiness is all that matters.

My heart really does go out for everyone involved and thankyou all the world to the beautiful place that is Manchester for you have shown the world that not all is lost in times such as these.

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