Camping and Caravanning

This post is probably first of many to come, my dad has recently bought a campervan so this means much more trips out at weekends. I really want to write more posts on places closer to home- England really is a beautiful place and I have already explored a lot of it, but now we have a campervan- we will probably explore a lot more.


We have always been camping, my whole family is really into it and there is nothing better than roasting marshmallows on the fire, listening to music and getting absolutely wasted in the middle of nowhere.

My Dad is really into climbing so most of the places we have been camping involve places with mountains, particularly The Lake District. The Lake District is definitely one of my favourite places in England- I absolutely adore it and we have done many climbs here, including threading the needle on The Great Gable (the internet says this is a rope route but we did it without I AM NOT recommending this). The Lakes is also perfect for gill scrambling, scrambling, and scree running.


Don’t get me wrong, camping can be a hardship. I remember when we went a few years ago- again to The Lakes I think and the storm was just impossible to camp in. The outer sheet of our tent blew away and my dad had to jump into a river to retrieve it, we have never used this tent again. Duke of Edinburgh camping was also much harder, but when you get a nice weekend or week or couple of weeks I really think there is nothing better.


For me, camping is the best way to detox. I absolutely love it when you get somewhere with no 3g, nothing and you can completely detox from social media, from technology and just chill out. Sitting outside for me in wellies, book in hand, no makeup and hair back is definitely the way to relax.


However, as I have mentioned on those stormy days it really is hard and now we have a campervan this will make it so much easier. I absolutely love it, last weekend we went to The Yorkshire Dales just to try it out for one night and for once listening to the rain from the inside was very nice.

Hope you enjoyed reading this fairly short post, I am definitely trying to post more now that University for the year is almost over! Thanks so much, Katy x

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