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Studying English Literature at University I figured I should do a book post, not that I have been reading that much besides module books recently- I have still read a lot and would like to share my favourites with you. I found this tag at (I really recommend this blog for all fellow book lovers, it really is fantastic).

Name a book that brings you joy


A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen for me is a must read, it’s funny it’s warming but it also tells a true story of a man’s struggle with drugs and also being homeless, until the cat changes all this. I don’t want to spoil the story too much, but it is a must read and it is a true story written by the man as a form of autobiography. If you aren’t that into books they have recently made a film which is equally amazing.

Name a book that makes you sad


All the bright places by Jennifer Niven is certainly a sad book, I cried throughout. It is basically a book about a teenage boy who wishes to die and his love story with Violet- and her struggle with depression due to her sister’s death. It is a book that you carry on thinking about even after you put it down.

Name a book that makes you angry


A well-known modern classic that I had to mention is Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. Atwood is my favourite author so I had to mention her name in this post and this book is absolutely spectacular and a must read. It focuses on a dystopian future whereby the story follows a handmaid whose job is to reproduce for the ruling family. If you haven’t read The Penelopiad by Atwood I would also recommend this. It is The Odyssey from the Maids and Penelope’s perspective and it really is a good feminist take on Homer’s novel.

Name a book that brings you fear

the monk

I really enjoy the gothic genre, the 17 and 1800’s to be specific. There is something about the original Dracula’s and Frankenstein’s that are really great to read. However, The Monk by Matthew Lewis exceeds most of the Gothics for me. It really is a chilling read. It follows the story of Ambrosio, a virtuous monk who becomes tempted and slowly causes his own destruction. Some bits really are scary, the descriptions of the supernatural and the subplots really do bring fear- which a lot of books don’t actually do.

Name a book series you love

(I have added this point so I could mention the series I love, I couldn’t not because they are my absolute favourite books!). lated.png

The Slated books series by Teri Terry is definitely my favourite series. Although, this was hard to write as I love many series- Harry Potter being another of my favourites and I also am guilty of being a lover of the Twilight series. But I wanted to write about a lesser known series. It follows a girl whose mind is ‘slated’ because in this Dystopian future if you are a criminal your mind is wiped. However, things turn out to be very different than Kayla thought. It is such a gripping read and once you start you really can’t put them down.

I tag everyone to do this who wants to, if you end up doing it leave a comment because I really enjoy reading these! Thanks so much for reading and hope you enjoyed! Katy x

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