Why is everyone getting a tattoo of a bee?

I for one am absolutely in love with this money raising idea, it’s new, it’s different and it is so Manchester. After the Manchester attack and the sadness and the shock it brought upon many, came many fundraising ideas. The people of Manchester and the people of the world came together to support the victims and those involved in the attack. The Ariana fundraising concert I think is absolutely fabulous and how many celebrities have decided to support her I also think is great.


The money raising idea of the tattoo of the bee is just such a kind idea, having the support of Manchester on your body is not only brave but also a great thing to do. On the Sunday after the attack and the bank holiday Monday tattoo parlors all across Manchester decided to tattoo nothing but the Manchester bee. People could make appointments but these were booked out extremely fast and people queued hours and hours just to get the tattoo of the bee. It cost £50 and the artists took none of the money- they gave it all to the charities supporting those involved in the Manchester attack.


Living in Manchester, I knew what the bee meant but of course, many people around the world do not. The worker bee is the symbol of Manchester largely because it symbolises the past Manchester- the working city, especially during the Industrial Revolution. It also represents unity and solidarity- how the people of Manchester will always stand together. A perfect symbol to represent the people of Manchester as they did exactly that.

I have read that places as far as Australia were taking part in the #manchestertattooappeal (Manchester Evening News) which is honestly incredible. The bee now represents much more than it ever did before as it represents the love of people and the strength of everyone involved.


If you are ever in Manchester, definitely look out for the symbol of the bee, it really does represent everything Manchester is and more.


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