Fashion trends I am loving Summer 2017

I am really into fashion and so I am trying to make this blog more of a fashion and travel blog (still mostly travel) but I really would like to start posting about clothes and trends I have been loving. Is this too much? I don’t think so I have seen many blogs focus on fashion and travel, I think the two go very well together. So that is what I am going to attempt to do, I hope you don’t mind and my travel content will still be as common- these fashion posts will just be add- ons because it is something I am really interested in!

1. Stripes

Stripes are everywhere this season. Striped bardot tops are especially popular and I am really loving them. Although my favourite has to be striped culottes. For the stripe trend I would definitely recommend Primark and H&M. I love striped tops for the minimal effort but they look great.

-Asos and H&M

2. Velvet

This trend has definitely followed on from last season and although I associate velvet largely with winter and the colder months it has definitely followed through to Summer. I am in love with the velvet trousers, I really can’t get enough of them and in England there is always a day when it’s colder and velvet trousers are a must.

velvet top

3. Pink

Pink, Pink, Pink. It really is everywhere, maybe just me but I think more than usual. I have never really been a fan of pink but recently I have really been getting into it. I have bought a pink denim jacket which is AMAZING and was only £5 from Primark so definitely check that out and a pink metallic skirt from Topshop. I am also really into baby pink and baby pink high tops are my new found love.

– converse and Primark for a similar one

4. Wide leg trousers

I am obsessed with culottes and wide leg pants, any excuse to wear flowy pants. As I mentioned previously I love velvet and velvet wide leg trousers are absolutely perfect. Depop is definitely the best place to find a bargain on wide leg trousers, people hand make them and they’re lush. This indie, vintage trend is definitely my favourite as it is so easy to dress them down or up, they are just perfect for any occasion.

-Missguided and M&S

5. Flares

Flares have made a come back! I haven’t yet got into the flared jeans but the flared pants for me are a must have. I really like the more fitted flares as they always seem to be extremely flattering and figure hugging, then the flare at the end of the leg dresses them up a bit. They are also very comfortable as to me they feel like you are wearing leggings but they look fabulous. I recommend Boohoo to bag yourself some cheap but amazing flares.

flares– Forever 21

6. Bralettes

Bralettes have always been on trend. In Winter I like to style bralettes with a sheer top over them but in Summer I think they look fab on their own. I am really digging Primark in this post apparently but Primark’s range of bralettes is honestly amazing and they are only £8. I particularly love the embroidered ones.


7. Metallic

I am loving the metallic trend a lot this season. It is so easy to dress up a metallic item up or down.. this brings me on to my next trend quite quickly as they link together really well.

metallic 2

-Motel Rocks

8. Mini Skirts

The old trend of mini skirts has definitely come back around. My favourite item I have bought this season has to be my pink, metallic mini skirt from Topshop (buy it here- Topshop mini skirt). It combines three of my favourite trends and I am just in love with it. I have found them cheaper on Asos however, I know £34 is pretty expensive for one skirt so definitely try Asos if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, but I just couldn’t resist.


9. Red jogging pants

I am yet to buy a pair of bright red jogging pants/ sweat pants but they are definitely something I will have to buy before Summer is over. I never ever thought I would say I wanted to own a pair of sweat pants to go out in but ever since I saw an image of Kendal Jenner (probably in a £1000 worth of a pair) I decided I really liked the look of them, especially for those cooler days in Summer.


10. Minimalism

Minimilism is great for Winter I think, but I am also loving it for Summer recently. There is nothing better than styling a black pair of Mom jeans or Mom shorts with a baggy white boyfriend t-shirt and it is so easy but looks so on trend, I think the minimilism look styled with a black pair of round sunglasses looks really chic with not much effort required.


Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed this different kind of post, I hope to do much more like this in the future! Katy x


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