Dog and Scone- Newcastle Dog Cafe

For so long I have wanted to visit a cat cafe and still haven’t got round to it, so when Newcastle opened a dog cafe I couldn’t resist (cat cafe post is hopefully soon to come). I had never heard of a dog cafe before but I can tell you now it was amazing. If I’m ever feeling stressed at uni I know where I’m going for a brew.

The Dog and Scone is located in central Newcastle and costs Ā£5 for 1 hour. This is a super price because unlike the cat cafe on the quayside this includes your first drink of choice, but I didn’t even get to finish my drink because I spent too long on the floor playing with the lil doggos! 

The pictures speak for themselves when I say the dogs were absolutely adorable and also so friendly. I didn’t know what to expect from a dog cafe as I had never heard of one before but the dog n Scone exceeded my expectations- I had the best time

All the dogs are more than happy to be held and petted. I am definitely going back and this time I’m going to try some of the food, it looked amazing and the prices were extremely reasonable.

Hope you enjoyed this post and I would really recommend visiting The Dog and Scone if you are in the Newcastle area! It really is the cutest time, it’s also quite different from the more expected cat cafe,  not that I could decide between the two!

Thanks for reading, Katy x

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