Living in China !?

I feel like I need to explain my absence and the cause is- internet and China. I flew out to China to live here for two months a week ago, so preparing for that I was extremely busy (although at the same time very unorganised). I have also only just figured out which VPN works on my laptop so I can now access wordpress, google, youtube, facebook etc. My instagram will be the place for pictures @katyrae_ if you would like to keep updated. However, I am hoping to write a blog post once every couple of days from now on, although I am very busy.

For the first two nights I was in Hangzhou before taking the bullet train up to Beijing. I think I will be living here for 5 weeks and a half before moving on to other places (around China and also one short stop in Japan).

I am extremely excited as to what this trip has to offer, at the same time as being super nervous. I will keep my blog updated with both written and photo content and I really hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading and bearing with, Katy x


    • Definitely that all people are generally nice and in most cases anyone is approachable and helpful and not not ever judge a person based on who you think they might be like before finding out for yourself! ❤️

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