The Forbidden City, Beijing

Last Friday I visited the heart of Beijing- the forbidden city and I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything like it. The contrast between the high Beijing sky scrapers that make up the modern skyline and the forbidden city and the temple is insane and it is almost unbelievable that this is at the centre of such a huge city. 

The forbidden city was the palace during the Ming Dynasty in China and so the history of it is amazing along with the aesthetic aspects. 

The buildings really are old style Chinese and are exactly what I pictured when thinking about traditional China. This is although, one of the many reasons I love Beijing so much, because the old and the new mix together perfectly without either looking out of place or odd. 

I really wasn’t expecting the forbidden city to be this big, it literally goes on and on and on and on and never seems to end. I did it in 35 degree heat and sun also which made it a little more difficult but I was able to get some stunning pictures with the blue sky (which is a rarity in the heavily polluted air of Beijing). It really is somewhere like no other and it really does feel as though you have gone back in time. 

The prices are also extremely affordable but if you are a student MAKE SURE you take your student card! I made the mistake of not taking mine. So the price for an adult is 60 RMB which is around £6 (I know super cheap but I’m used to China prices now and my first thought was wow… that’s expensive). For a student it’s about £2 and you could definitely spend all day here. 

Once you have finished walking around the foribidden city you come out onto a park and there is an observation deck at the top (a long walk up many steps which I didn’t actually go up but I guess the views would be absolutely spectacular). I am planning on going back (with my student card) and going up the steps in the park to get a look at the view overlooking The Forbidden City but for that day walking around in that heat was enough. 

The forbidden city and temple is a must do for Beijing and is a top attraction in the whole of China, not just Beijing. It really is hard to believe you have stepped in from a modern built up city. 

Hope you enjoyed this post, tomorrow I am visiting the Beijing Art District so there will be another blog post very soon (possibly tomorrow or the day after), Katy x 

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