798- Art District

As I mentioned in my previous blog post (about The Forbidden City) yesterday I visited the Art District of Beijing and it is 100% a must see place. It’s super quirky and not like anywhere else in Beijing. I’m a huge fan of street art so this place is perfect for me. There are sculptures and art everywhere you look with many cafes, bars and resteraunts. This is certainly one of the best places I’ve been to so far in Beijing and I got some really nice photos to share with you too, so this post will mainly be images. 

The art district is central Beijing and super easy to find, it is located on line 14 of the subway. It’s a large tourist attraction but because of the quirky relaxed feel it doesn’t feel so touristy. There a lot of small individual shops and street stalls where bartering is a must, so it feels super authentic. I bought some really cute red earrings so I’m excited to wear those. 

The cafes look so nice and I am wanting to go back so I can eat in one, I just kept buying drinks as it was one of the warmest days I’ve been in so far and we were walking around all day so it was pretty sweaty and pretty tiring but so worth it. One cafe that caught my eye in particular was in the style of a tree house so I would definitely like to eat there as it looked to have a roof terrace. There are also a lot of galleries to go inside and a few museums and I think most of them are free entry so you really can make a whole day out of this place! 

Hope you enjoyed this post, the art district for me is a must if you ever visit Beijing I literally had one of the best times! Katy x 

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