The view from the top… overlooking the forbidden city 

So yesterday me and a few others decided to trek to the top of the park area at the back of The Forbidden City so we could have a 360 view. Whilst the day was extremely smoggy and white rather than blue like the previous time we visited The Forbidden City, it provided a different look and the view was still amazing. 

On one side you can see the forbidden city, with the traditional Chinese temples and buildings with the yellow and orange roofs which is exactly what I expected to see. However this smaller temple building on the top allows you to also see the modern built up beijing on the other side, so in a similar way to Hangzhou it allows you to see the contrast between the old town and the new modern built up city which I really liked. 

Whilst I expected it to be extremely difficult climbing to the top it really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would have been, the heat obviously made it difficult as I think it was about 33 degrees when we climbed to the top of possibly more, but the steps are really shallow and you can buy a drink at the bottom. It’s also a lot closer than you think and you arrive much sooner than you would expect. 

I would say if you go to the forbidden city go into this park area as even before you get to the top the park is extremely beautiful and crowded with trees and flowers, there are also many traditional looking buildings and viewing platforms which are really nice spots for a rest. 

I absolutely love the way it looked in this darker more dismal setting as it gave a completely different feel from the last time we went in blazing sun! So I’m definitely glad we went back. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed this post and the photos, Katy x 


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