The Lama Temple, Beijing 

So today in Beijing I had a little extra free time and I really didn’t know what to do and on the subway station map was the Lama temple. I had heard of the temple before but I hadn’t planned on going there and I’m so glad I did. It cost 25 RMB which is about £2.50 and it’s bigger than I thought it would be, I stayed for about an hour and 20 minutes but I could easily have stayed longer, it’s just because it closes at 4:30pm. The temple has its own subway station stop situated on line 6 and line 2 so it is super easy to access, as I said, I stumbled upon it by accident. 

The buildings were absolutely spectacular and there were so many smaller temples and halls. It’s quite hard to believe that this temple is situated where it is as it is right next to busy roads, subway stations and high rise buildings – but this old meets new is just typical Beijing. 

I have been to a few temples here in China (Beijing and Hangzhou)but besides the Forbidden City this temple is definitely my favourite because of the history. I also found it is the one that is mostly equipped for tourists and non mandarin speakers. 

The history is really interesting and along with the buildings themselves each hall has a display of some sort and there are about four languages explaining what is inside the hall. Some had art work displayed, the emporers clothing, statues, sculptures and much more. Each item had descriptions and it was really interesting to read about. The timeline of what I saw was between the 17 and the 18th century, so the fact it was such a long time ago made it even more interesting. China is and was back then completely diffferen to the West and so learning about the history is absolutely fascinating. 

The religious aspect of this temple is also what I liked, it felt really authentic and I have never seen any other religion other than Christianity being practiced so it was really interesting watching followers of Buddhism practice their religion. Buddhist statues lined the temples and people burned incense to celebrate their religion. It was a completely different experience than what I’ve experienced before and so I 100% recommend this temple. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, I thoroughly enjoyed visiting this temple! Katy x

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