Light Exhibition in the Art District- Beijing 

Pace is a light exhibition which I’m pretty sure started in Japan, Tokyo. It is literally an art exhibition completely created by use of light and different lighting technique and effects so at first I was sceptical. It costs 130 RMB which is expensive here seen as for example temples are often £1 to see (130 RMB is roughly about £13) so still not over prices when compared with what you would pay in England for an exhibition. There were many different rooms and each created a different effect- walking around lights created moving images such as flowers, there was art work made out of light and also rooms where mini 3D effect films were set up made completely of light. There was also an interactive room where you could draw something and it would appear on the wall. My favourite aspect was probably the tunnel of light which gave the effect you were walking through zooming lights all around. This post will mainly be images as there isn’t really much more to say about it, but I loved how different the display was and the perfect place for it was the 798 art district as this place is so quirky- and I’ve never heard of anything like this before on this scale. 

Of course there were many more photo opportunities but it was one of those places where seeing it was much better without a phone in your hand! Thanks for reading, Katy x 

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