Phoenix Building, Beijing

A building that was listed as an ‘unusual building of the week’ at and I am super chuffed I got to have a look inside. It is open to the public and is one of the only media and television centres in Beijing to be open this way. It is made mostly out of glass and it’s off circular shape makes it a building like no other. It has lattices all around and a spiral staircase in the centre. The views around of Beijing are also super cool andit’s free entry to the public. Whenever I visit a city I often try to find a glass building with a cool view of the city- and this building had exactly that. It’s not tall but then Beijing isn’t very high rise anyway, but the layout is just incredible. It’s super modern and also really quirky. I also grabbed a coffee in the cafe which wasn’t too expensive. It also isn’t touristy at all from what I saw and as you can tell from the pictures there was literally hardly anyone else there!  

Thanks for reading this short post! I know it’s only a small post but I really recommend going to this building and having a look inside if you have time, just because of its quirky nature and how different to other buildings it is! It’s easy to get to as it is right in the centre and although you don’t spend long here, it’s definitely worth a quick stop! Katy x 


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