My favourite coffee shop in Beijing

Beijing is absolutely rammed full with amazing cafes, resteraunt and bars and I’ve been to a lot of them but one I always go back to is MAAN coffee. It’s a chain of coffee shops across China (I’ve also found many independent cafes and bars I like but MAAN coffee is still my favourite). 

MAAN coffee is open super late aswell- opening times are 9am to 1am so it’s the perfect place to grab a late night coffee. If I was a student this is the place I would spend exam season. 

The drinks are on the expensive side- maybe 32 RMB for a coffee (I always choose the iced vanilla latte) but I suppose £3.50 is about what I would pay back at home. The food does however seem super cheap. It specialises in desserts and a huge plate of waffles and cream and chocolate is about £3 and for the size of the plate it seems really reasonable. I haven’t tried it yet but when I’m back in Beijing (tomorrow) I really want to try some of the food. 

The decor is my favourite aspect of this place. It’s mostly wooden decor with chandeliers and a huge bookcase (although a chain every one is the same). Usually I don’t like chains but this is done so well it’s impossible not to like. The huge bookcase is my favourite aspect of this coffeeshop because it just fits so well and it’s everything I want together- coffee and a book. It doesn’t have a traditional Chinese vibe about it but it’s amazing all the same. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and if you are ever or are currently in Beijing I 100% recommend MAAN coffee! Katy x 

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