Moschino New Season tote & Crazy packaging

Moschino is known for its daring and bold looks and I am in love with the new Magnum tote bag collab, but I am not so in love with last years crazy fresh couture perfume packaging.


I am literally IN LOVE with the Magnum and Moschino collab, I love the design of the simple tote with the crazy and vibrant picture on the front. These bags have just been released due to the release of the two new magnum flavours in the campaign called ‘The Beast Campaign’ with the idea that fashion should be bold. This is perfect for Moschino as they are renowned for being daring with their standout pieces so who better to design these bags than Jeremy Scott with his garish, pop style.

I just imagine pairing one of these bags with an all black or one colour outfit… dreamy. I love the MOSCHINO print in bold across the top- no confusing what brand this is. Each bag features a different ‘beast’ figure with a range of different animals. However, it will definitely be a while till I ever get my hands on one of these super funky, quirky totes as they retail at £212 a piece… for a tote bag. I know Moschino is super luxury and high- end but £212 for a luminous blue tote bag I think is just way too much, even for you Moschino.


So, I know this Fresh Couture perfume is old news and the media went crazy about it early last year… but I have only just become interested in perfume and before I would never, ever shop for my own perfume, it just wasn’t something I have ever wanted to buy for myself before, but the Moschino Fresh Couture perfume in the cleaning product bottle is definitely what you could call eye- catching.


At first, I absolutely hated the idea, why would I want to spend £50 on a perfume for it to look like window cleaner on my dressing table- plus it just doesn’t match the aesthetic of my bedroom! However, I am actually warming to the idea of this novelty bottle, the aim was to juxtapose the luxurious high- end brand product with every- day essentials and I have to admit, it is definitely something no other brand has done before. I am, however, also disappointed that the spray doesn’t actually work through the spray gun and you actually have to remove the cap to spray the perfume. Although I have warmed to this bottle, it is definitely not one I will be buying any- time soon! Let me know what you think of this bottle in the comments!

Hope you enjoyed this read and aren’t as sad as me at the price of the Moschino totes! Katy x


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