Chloé “Bracelet Bag” Dupes and the ring handle trend

The ring handle on the handbag is something that is without a doubt on trend now. Many bags often feature the ring design- but not the ring handle which now comes on many bags along with a longer strap. So these bags can be worn over the shoulder or held by the famous “bracelet” handle as termed by the Chloé bag.


Buy the Chloé bag here

The Chloé bag is perhaps without a doubt where the inspiration for the ring handle comes from but the hefty price of £1150 is enough to put most people off, dramatically off. Whilst the Chloé bag is, of course, a designer, amazing quality bag I never would have even considered buying it. However, I have seen a couple of pretty amazing dupes I would like to share with you.

The first is from Accessorize and probably the least similar out of the two dupes I have to share with you- but the concept is pretty much identical and retails at a much more affordable £25. This is more of an alternative rather than a dupe or a ‘fake’ as it hasn’t been made to look the same. The Accessorize version features 2 colours (as oppose to the seven offered by the Chloé bag) and these are tan and burgandy. They have the ring handle and also a longer strap and are very similar sizes. The main difference is the stud detail on the Accessorize version and of course the material. The Chloé is made from suede calfskin- which for me this is a no go but for many this is a very attractive feature.


I love the simple and chic look these bags have. The huge ring is extremely eye catching and effortlessly makes the bag a statement piece with any outfit.

Buy the Accessorize bag here

The second and last bag is definitely a dupe and has been made to look like the Chloé bag. This version is from Ebay and comes in four colours- black, white, brown and pink. The overall design is extremely similar, the structure of the bag is almost identical, especially at the bottom with the two studs and the rounded structure of the bag. The ring is also attached in a similar way and much like the Chloé bag it doesn’t hang down as the Accessorize version does. It sells on Ebay for £16.68 which makes it the cheapest of the three and a huge £1100 cheaper than the real, with the only major difference being the material the bag is made of this makes it my favourite of the three.


Hope you found this post helpful! Katy x



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