This has been a long-awaited blog post and I originally wanted to split this into many many blog posts but I think I will only do a couple on my time in Tokyo as keeping on top of blogging whilst packing for University and sorting everything out is proving more difficult than I had once thought!


In total I spent 3 nights and four days in Tokyo and this time was absolutely amazing. As I think is the same for many; Tokyo for me has always been a sort of dream, fantasy destination and I am so grateful I had the chance to go.


In Tokyo I tried to fit as much as possible into these four days as I could, so I did a lot. I stayed in a hostel in Shinjuku. The hostel was called ‘Tokyo House Inn’ and I booked it on hostel world. In all the places I stayed in China and Japan- this hostel was the most expensive at around £30 for one night, which compared to the £3.50 a night I paid in some places in China, this was a hell of a lot of money. However, this hostel was still one of the cheaper ones and the location was absolutely amazing- about five minutes from a subway station and literally two stops from Harajuku and Shubuya- I cannot recommend this hostel enough.


Tokyo is definitely the place to be at night- it is amazing. Shibuya has the busiest crossing in the world and being here at night was just spectacular. I stayed in Shubuya till about 1am and the amount of people was just unreal- this city literally never sleeps. Shibuya was definitely my favourite place to be at night. Shinjuku is also famous for its bright lights and skylines at night, however I definitely prefer Shibuya more. There is a Starbucks over- looking the crossing and sitting in there with an overly priced coffee watching all those people was definitely a highlight of my time in Tokyo.


I have always dreamed of visiting Harajuku- the place of Kawaii as I feel there is no other place like it and it was just amazing. This is definitely my favourite place for shopping and thrifting- I bought way too many things. Shinjuku is also a great place in the day. I really wanted to go up The Tokyo Tower (which I did visit) however, it was quite expensive and I am so glad I didn’t as in Shinjuku you can go up to two viewing platforms which over look Tokyo completely free! Shijuku is also the place with the famous ‘LOVE’ sign which of course I had to take a picture of.

IMG_6295IMG_6296IMG_6261Another great thing to do is visit literally the centre of Tokyo- Tokyo on the subway. In the subway station shopping station is the famous ‘character street’ where every shop is a themed shop on a famous character such as; Hello Kitty, Totoro and so so many more! Here is also famous for the rollercoaster which goes through the building and is literally in the centre of the city. Of course, I had to ride it even if it did cost me £15 (I bought a fast track ticket too).


A bit further out of Tokyo and about 20 minutes on the subway is the ‘rainbow bridge’ which I do recommend visiting as in this area there is a great lake view and also, as I strangely stumbled across was a statue of liberty- which genuinely looks like I was in New York on the pictures.


Tokyo was unbelievable and I loved every second of being there. I hope you enjoyed this brief overview of my time there and I hope one day you get to visit too! Thanks for reading, Katy x


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