Hong Kong absolutely won my heart with its beautiful city, Victoria Harbour (one of the most beautiful skyline views in the world) and its market places. The city itself is absolutely stunning and I would say the prettiest city I visited on my 2 month trip. The high rise building actually have elegance to them and the busy roads actually look spectacular rather than crowded. You also don’t need a visa to travel to Hong Kong from a lot of countries as you do for China which makes it a lot more accessible. 

You can get a boat across Victoria Harbour rather than the tube which I 100% recommend doing I think it’s just over £1 (don’t be fooled Hong Kong is an extremely expensive city) and the boat ride is absolutely beautiful. 

Victoria Harbour at night is honestly stunning, the buildings across the harbour light up and it feels magical, the pictures can never do something like that justice and usually I fall in love with nature yet this time I really did fall in love with this skyline view. 

Victoria Peak is also an absolutely amazing spot. You take the tram from central Hong Kong up to the highest mountain and you can overlook Hong Kong from above. However, I got there the first time at 9pm wanting to see the view at night and the queue was 3 hours long, so I went again the next morning at 8am and I walked straight on the train so I advise you do this early as the view was amazing anyway!

Shopping in Hong Kong is also exciting, I love the market places which sell all kinds of fake goods and other items you don’t really need but want. Haggling again is essential here. Luxury shopping in Hong Kong is also exciting, with designer shops located all around the city. However, for independent more quirky shops I definitely still prefer Tokyo. 

Thankyou so much for reading and hope you enjoyed this heavily photo based post! I like to mix my travel posts up with the quantity of writing and images so let me know which you prefer! Katy x 

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