20 Travel Blog Post Ideas

Sometimes, deciding what to write can be a daunting task and over the past few weeks, I have been making lists of what I can write about in terms of travel and fashion (a fashion ideas post will be up tomorrow!). Some of these I have already written and some of them I will be writing in the future so keep your eyes peeled.

  1. Dream travel destinations. You could make a list of where you really, really desire to travel to and possibly what you want to do when you get there and why you want to go!
  2. A photo gallery from a trip you have been on- this is a great way to create a quality blog post in under ten minutes. Sometimes we don’t have time to sit and write for an hour and a blog post with just pictures can be really interesting for others and also really easy for you.
  3. Keep it simple and document your latest holiday or travel destination. So many people love receiving inspiration on where to go and what to do there so by simply writing up what you did on a recent trip is a really easy but effective blog post.
  4. Fashion OOTD’s whilst traveling- what you wore on each day.
  5. Day to Night outfit transitions whilst on holiday or traveling.
  6. How you edit your holiday photographs- I love reading up on how people get the best photos and how they edit them, you could include apps, where you upload them.
  7. Best travel tags for your blog or social media. Tagging your travel posts is a great way to access a wider audience, so share with your followers what tags you find the most effective- help them out a little!
  8. What you pack in a carry- on bag- possily include photo’s and explain why you take certain items on the plane with you.
  9. How to survive a long haul flight- tell your followers what you do to keep busy on a long haul flight, is it reading? watching films? colouring?
  10. Pick out one of the best places you visited in your time away, for example the best resteraunt you ate in or the best day out you had. Include pictures and lots of details, people may then want to do the same thing!
  11. Long haul flight routine- describe what you do before sleeping on a long haul flight, just like a night- time routine, but for the plane.
  12. A bucket list of what you want to do and where you want to go.
  13. Describe your best and your worst experience abroad, maybe it was the food you ate or where you stayed, people love reading about disasters!
  14. Include a humerous story about your time away.
  15. How to prepare for a trip to… for example I am planning a post on how to prepare nefore visiting China, what to expect when you get there and what is extremely different about their culture than ours.
  16. What you learned whilst travelling- it’s cheesy but I truly do believe that travel is life- changing, so talk about this and the most important thing you learned whilst travelling.
  17. How you save for your trips abroad, maybe it’s by working, explain how you save and how you don’t spend this money! It’s so easy to feel unmotivated and stop saving for travel, but explain why it is so important and worthwhile to keep on top of it!
  18. How you travel on a budget- one of my most popular posts on my blog is how I travel on a budget and as a student.
  19. Include a post about your favourite travel blogs- who you like to read the most or maybe what type of posts you like to read.
  20. Finally, write a post about you- why you love travelling, what made you decide to go travelling in the first place and what made you decide to start a blog all about it!


Thanks so much for reading, I hope this post came in useful and hopefully it gave you some ideas on where you can go with your next blog post! Katy x


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