20 Fashion Blog Post Ideas

If you read my previous post on travel blog post ideas (20 Travel Blog Post Ideas)  I said that my next post would be extremely similar, only hoping to help those fashion blogs out there! I find these kind of posts really helpful as sometimes I just really cannot think of something to write and as I mentioned previously, I have made my own list of upcoming blog posts so I thought I would share this list with you along with a few I have already written.

  1. Dupes- I personally love reading anything about dupes, for example I wrote a post on a Chloé bag dupe. These are really helpful as sometimes we just cannot afford the designer brands.
  2. Product reviews (bags, clothing, beauty).
  3. Of course, an OOTD. These are my favourite posts to write and to take pictures for as they are so easy.
  4. A what’s in my bag- this works for travel blogs also as you could do a what’s in my carry on, but for a fashion blog your handbag will be best!
  5. A haul, although I have never posted a haul these are some of my favourite posts to read and also my favourite youtube videos to watch.
  6. Favourite trends of this season.
  7. Predicted trends for next year or next season.
  8. Your favourite fashion blogs, spread the love and post a link to them.
  9. Create a lookbook for certain days for example; a festival lookbook, a work lookbook.
  10. How you style… ie; “How I style cullottes” or “How I style mom jeans”
  11. Create a well- known famous / celeb look on a budget.
  12. Budget shop- haul for less than a certain amount, for example put together an outfit for less than £30.
  13. Top 3 Summer outfits.
  14. Top 3 Winter outfits.
  15. Your favourite wardrobe pieces.
  16. Talk through the pieces you have had in your wardrobe for longest.
  17. The most expensive thing in your wardrobe.
  18. Fashion wishlist.
  19. A list of your favourite shops and why.
  20. Talk about your own style, why you dress the way you dress and the things you like the best about your style.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope this list was a tiny bit helpful! I know it always helps me when I can’t decide what to write about to look through somene else’s posts / lists they have made! Katy x


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