Updated Dream Travel Destinations

A while ago I wrote a Dream Travel Destination post and I am so lucky to have crossed off Japan from that list! I made a list of five destinations including Japan, Hawaii, Botswana, Iceland and Norway (in one trip) and Thailand. In this post I will add another destination to the list. I plan to make this (hopefully) a re- occuring blog post!

Follow the links to read my Tokyo blog post and my original post on my dream destinations:

Dream Travel Destinations & Things to do when you get there!


Updated Destination –Β The Great Barrier Reef

I have always wanted to visit the great barrier reef. It looks absolutely spectacular and it is like nothing I have ever done before. I would of course love to visit other parts of Australia and would probably do a two week trip. I would love to start in Melbourne, to Sydney, to Brisbane and then visit Whitsunday Islands and finish at The Great Barrier Reef (in effect do a small part of the gold coast and travel up the East side).

Let me know if you have ever visited any of these places in the comments. Thanks so much for reading this quick post.

I haven’t been posting much and I will be uploading a post tomorrow explaining why and from then on I hope to be back to posting every other day, Katy x


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