The best shopping districts in Tokyo

Tokyo is of course, a buzzing and vibrant city for shoppers at all hours of the day. I have picked three main areas from my trip to Tokyo, which are all completely different in terms of the type of shops on offer. Tokyo is a huge place but I would make sure you have time to check out these three areas- for shopping lovers and non shopping lovers alike as there is so much more to them, but in this post I will focus on the shopping aspects!

1. Tokyo Centre

On the tube this station is literally titled ‘Tokyo’ and it’s where you can find the rollercoaster through the centre of the building, shopping mall after shopping mall of everyday high- street shops, but these are not the shopping centres I want to talk to you about. In the shopping centre connecting to the train and tube station is an area called ‘the character street’ and it features 21 shops according to well known characters. It’s an absolute must for a visit to Tokyo and for character lovers like me. My favourites included The Hello Kitty store, The Totoro store and The Pokemon store. This is one of the best places to find novelty gifts (at extortionate prices) but it’s so worth a visit even if it’s just to look around.

2. Harajuku

Harajuku is known for its fashion scene, it’s cute, kawaii and so pink which was perfect for me. Whilst you can also find many high street shops here too such as Forever 21 and Zara, I much preferred looking around the super quirky, individual shops and heaps of vintage stores. Harajuku was probably my favourite place in Tokyo and I could have gone back day after day there is so much to do. Many of the shops are in rows down tiny side streets so it does get extremely busy, but it’s worth taking the time over every store because whilst a lot of it is over priced you can find some super quirky bargains. My favourite vintage store was ‘Kinji’ as I have never seen a vintage store have more high end brands, it has rows and rows of them for a fraction of the price including brands such as Burberry and Gucci.

3. Ginza

Last but not least I would definitely recommend checking out a shopping district called Ginza. It’s one of the cuties best known shopping areas and is absolutely packed with high- end shops such as Dior, Prada and Cartier. Whilst I know most of us can not afford these luxury designers it’s always nice to have a walk around. The area feels so modern and up market it would be a shame to miss, even if it is just a twenty minute stroll down the street. Ginza also has high- street stores such as H&M and UniQlo, however I much preferred window shopping in the designer shops as that is what Ginza is most famous for.

Thankyou so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Katy x

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