Cheapest Getaways/ holidays this Christmas Time

Following Christmas and New Year we often get those January blues and I, much like everyone else is always looking for a way to combat these. A holiday is usually people’s go to however holidays are not cheap and if you are like me; you also won’t have a lot of money going spare over these next few weeks. Although, I have found some really great deals online and I thought I should share them with you!

1. Germany

Last year I went to Hamburg (around the 5th January) and looking again this year it’s just as cheap as last year. Hamburg is a place I would not have visited if it wasn’t for the deal on sky scanner I found (£40 return flights based on flying from Manchester) and the deals are pretty similar again this year. These kind of deals are so exciting as they take you to places you wouldn’t ever visit otherwise and Hamburg was absolutely amazing, I would even think about going back! Read my post on Hamburg here! Skyscanner’s cheapest places to visit in Germany this year are actually Frankfurt and Cologne (I am extremely tempted as the Cologne cathedral is something I have always wanted to see).

germany 1germany 2

2. Amsterdam

This time of year everyone seems to jet off to Amsterdam and again like previous years, there are endless deals offered on breaks to Amsterdam and flights to Amsterdam. Having been to Amsterdam twice already I cannot recommend it enough, there is so much to do and it is such a quirky city you will not find anywhere else like it at all. On Skyscanner I have found return flights (based on flying from Manchester in January) for as little as £50. Groupon also offer regular breaks to Amsterdam at really amazing prices, at the moment you can purchase a 2 night stay in a 4* hotel, including flights and a tour for £89 (Groupon Link). I really recommend keep checking sites such as Groupon and Holiday Pirates for deals like this as around this time of year they have so many at literally bargain prices.

amsterdam 2amsterdam1

Amsterdam: Travel Diary 

3. Morocco

I know this one seems much more random than the other two but if you are looking to go further a field and for a much more luxurious holiday rather than a mini break then I have noticed that many sites and airlines are offering cheap deals to Morocco recently. I have never been to Morocco, but again it is extremely tempting, especially because of how cheap some of the deals are! On Skyscanner (my trusted flight website if you can tell) you can get return flights from  The UK for £49 based on the 5th to the 12th January and flying to Marrakech. Holiday Pirates also have many deals again focusing on Morocco (For example they have a deal on for 7 nights in a spa hotel including flights for £189!, access by clicking this link). With the temperature still reaching twenty degrees you really cannot go wrong.


I hope you have found this post helpful and sorry if it has tempted you to spend just like me! Thanks for reading, Katy x



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