Travel Solo… As soon as possible

I have been lacking on travel content recently (much to do with not traveling in a while!) So I thought I would share again with you one of my most popular travel posts. I hope anyone new to my blog enjoys this post as much as I enjoyed writing it!


I set off to China for over two months, never having left Europe and never having been on a plane alone before. The first month and a half wasn’t too daunting as a lot of the time there was a group of us and I had re- assurance from the company I traveled with that there would always be someone to talk to and help me. However, the last part of my adventure I did completely alone, from booking the flights and hostels, to getting there, to leaving again.


I met people in hostels who looked at me like I was crazy to do this at 19, especially in China- it isn’t often the first place people choose to go especially alone for the first time. Yet, I cannot express how completely unreal and better than anything else I have ever done traveling alone really is.


I was absolutely terrified…

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