Louboutin win EU battle over their iconic red sole

Christian Louboutin first designed his iconic red sole’d shoe with red nail varnish in the early 1990’s, ever since then the red sole has been a trademark associated with the brand.

In 2010 Louboutin registered the red sole as a trademark for their footwear, and so took the Dutch high street company Van Haren to court after they also produced footwear with a red sole in 2012.

Under EU law the shape and sizing of a product could not be protected and so as a sole and in its definition a shape meant that at first it was ruled they could not sue Van Haren who had been selling the red sole’d shoes.

However, a court has just ruled that it is in fact the red colour of the shoe rather than the shape which gives Louboutin’s their trademark features and so the court case will return to The Dutch Court for a final ruling.

Louboutin’s are well on there way to being well and truly the only red sole’d shoe on both the high end and the high street market, as we know the brand to be!


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