Bahia Palace Morocco

If staying in Marrakech in Morocco I highly recommend visiting the Bahia Palace, it is about a ten minute walk from the central square and highly worth the visit. You don’t need a long time here but it is such a contrast to the busy, bustling streets of Marrakech and for just 10 dirhams (around 70pence) entrance fee, it is definitely worth it!


The Mosaic tiles everywhere was something I thought to be absolutely beautiful and something I have never seen before, this mosaic is extremely common for Morocco and is absolutely everywhere. The fact the palace is so close to the centre means it is extremely accessible from any point in Marrakech, and you can just follow a map and find it easily! It is a lot more touristy when compared to simply wandering the streets of Marrakech which can actually provide a peaceful break from the overwhelming aspects of the medina.



The palace is actually much bigger than the pictures show, there are many entrances and archways which lead to different parts of the palace. A lot of the palace is much like a museum and includes a lot of facts about the palace which is extremely interesting.


(outfit details)

Floral tie top – Primark £4

Black cotton culottes- Boohoo £9

Black tie sandals- ASOS £19

Thanks so much for reading & hope you enjoyed!

Katy x


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