Moroccan Gardens

Whilst in Morocco I was able to visit two of the most famous gardens- Le Jardin Majorelle (garden of memory) and the garden of secrets. In comparing the two I would actually go against the most common preference in that I preferred the secret garden much more (although everyone told me I must go to Le Jardin Majorelle). Le Jardin Majorelle is absolutely beautiful and it also includes an Yves Saint Laurent memorial museum (which I did not go in as it cost more). It is much busier and much more popular than the secret garden and is situated outside of the medina (about a half an hour walk from the centre) whereas the secret garden is right in the centre.


(images from Le Jardin Majorelle)

Le Jardin Majorelle is absolutely stunning, I particularly love these photo perfect spots of the traditional Moroccan doors, it is much bigger than the secret garden so takes a lot more time, I did both of the gardens in the same day as I knew I wanted to do both. However, I would recommend going to Le Jardin Majorelle before lunch time as it gets very busy with tourists.


(images from the garden of secrets)

Although the secret garden is much smaller it is also a lot cheaper, 10 dirhams (about 70pence) rather than 70 dirhams (about £6 entry). I would recommend visiting both however if you are short on time or money, moreso the garden of secrets. As you can tell from the images, it is a lot quieter than Le Jardin Majorelle. There is also a viewing tower you can go up, and you can see a view of the medina, for an extra 10 dirhams which I would highly recommend. You are taken up by an English speaking tour guide and the facts about the gardens, and Morocco in general are extremely fascinating and worth the extra money.

Outfit Details:

Burnt orange maxi dress- Primark £13

Sombrero style sun hat: Primark £4

Black tie sandals: ASOS £19

Thankyou so much for reading & hope you enjoyed this image packed post!

Katy x



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