The Sahara Desert

I cannot put into words on this blog post how surreal and genuinely amazing trekking the Sahara Desert was. From Marrakech I took a three-day excursion to a place called Merzouga which is on completely the other side of the country near the Algerian border. On the way we stopped at falls, canyons and small towns and villages which I will include in another blog post. Of course, the highlight and the main purpose of the excursion was The Sahara Desert and it really did not disappoint. The trip for three days and two nights only cost around £60 and for how much we were able to do, and the Sahara Desert was simply amazing.


It was exactly how you would picture The Sahara, high rising sand dunes as far as the eye could see and very, very, very hot. As a group we got onto the camels just before sunset and so we were able to watch the sun go down over the sand whilst riding a camel (which I had never done before so again, this was another experience). The camel ride was approximately an hour – an hour and a half and besides the numbness I loved every second.


We then arrived at a camp where we had food (vegetable tagine as always) and I was very impressed that even in the heart of The Sahara Desert vegetarians were catered for. We didn’t get much sleep as I have never seen a sky like it- you could see planets, stars and the milky way (it was honestly inspiring). The tribe we stayed with also sang and played instruments whilst we could lay in the sand.


sahara 1sahara 2

At around 3am we went to sleep inside one of the tents before being awoken at 5am to watch the sunrise and take the camels back to the village of Merzouga.


Thankyou so much for reading & hope you enjoyed this post. The Sahara Desert has always been something I thought I had to see, so I feel so lucky that I have been able to!

Katy x


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