Berlin Highlights

Recently I have been travelling around Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg and without a doubt Berlin was a highlight. In this post I will share with you the best things I did in Berlin!

The Berlin Wall (East Side Gallery)

This was by far my favourite aspect of Berlin, basically the Berlin Wall separated the Soviet owned Germany and the European owned Germany after the Second World War and it became a place for political art and expression. It’s inspiring, both the detail of the paintings and the scale of them and also the meanings behind them.

Checkpoint Charlie

If you’re guessing from this post I love everything and anything history based and this is one of the main reasons I was so excited to travel to Berlin. Checkpoint Charlie is the site of the Berlin Wall crossing.

The Brandenburg Gate

Of course you cannot go to Berlin without visiting the Brandenburg Gate. It’s a neoclassical monument and I can tell you, it’s so impressive to look at as the scale of it is huge!

The Cathedral and Government Buildings

Is it just me or are these the first places anyone runs to in any city. For me they’re just places you have to see, I never stay for long- just a quick look and then I carry on with the day!

The DDR museum

This museum was definitely a highlight of Berlin. It shows what life was like in Germany under Soviet rule and it is so interesting! Also if you are a student make sure to take your card as many attractions offer a lot of student discount so it’s definitely worth it!

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!

Katy x


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