£20 Boohoo or £2000 Versace?

When we think of Versace we think of the elaborate chain and ‘native American’ print detailing which features on so many of the pieces. It’s garish but it works and whilst being bold it can look extremely classy. It’s definitely the ‘signature’ print. However, for a lot of us there is no way we can afford to spend thousands of pounds on one piece of clothing.

If you are really into the print but know you could never afford to buy- look no further than Boohoo. The Boohoo ‘scarf print’ which also features across many of Boohoo’s ranges definitely nods towards and has similarities to the Versace signature print, at a fraction of the price.

This Versace shirt dress is absolutely stunning, and of course the quality will be amazing as it’s 100% silk. It’s part of the tribute collection which celebrates Gianni Versace’s original work. There is a but, it costs a huge £2,350 which if you are like me it costs too much to even dream of. The Boohoo range is of course much more realistic and the oversized scarf print shirt definitely has a look of the Versace prints.

Boohoo- £20

Buy here

Designer swimming costumes are also becoming increasingly popular, however the price tag is again one we cannot all commit to. I’ve always loved the Versace swimming costumes- they are so elegant and classy.

Again, the quality of this piece will be fabulous, the barocco print is quite similar to the Native American also, and so the Boohoo scarf print costume also nods to the Versace prints. This Versace costume retails at £540. The Boohoo costume retails at just £20 and although it’s of course not exactly the same, the similarity of the print for me is worth the £520 saving.

Boohoo- £20 Buy here

The Boohoo scarf print range has so many pieces it was so hard to choose comparisons, other items include trousers, dresses and playsuits and especially with the student discount on top, you really cannot go wrong!

To search the whole collection simply enter ‘scarf print’ into the search bar and so many beautiful pieces come up- most under £20 and some under £10. Of course I am a lover of Versace and I do not want companies to simply copy the work, but when pieces are very similar I can’t help but appreciate them too as they’re so much more affordable for the most of us!

Thankyou so much for reading and hope you enjoyed! Katy x

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