The German Fairytale Castle

Usually when you go away, a castle is always on the list and as much as I hate to admit, they aren’t all too impressive and sometimes castle after castle can actually become a bit tedious, the same cannot he said for Neuschwanstein Castle. The castle was built by the ‘mad king ludwig’.

The castle is absolutely breathtaking- like something out of a fairytale. So it’s completely unsurprising that it inspired many Disney movie castles, including Sleeping Beauty’s. The castle is located in Germany- Schwangau, about 2.5 hours out of Munich. You can take day trips from Munich and if that is where you are staying- it’s so worth it.

The castle costs about £13 to go inside, however it’s completely free to go right up to it and we actually walked up to it and around- we didn’t pay to go in however I have heard it’s extremely impressive on the inside also. The scenery surrounding the castle is also absolutely stunning, you can definitely spend all day here.

At the bottom of the castle, in the village you have to park up in (no vehicles are allowed up to the castle) there is an absolutely stunning lake. You can of course like any other lake, swim in it and it was an absolute highlight of the whole German trip- make sure you take your swimming costumes so you can do this. I recommend going for the swim in the morning or early afternoon as it does get extremely busy!

Thankyou so much for reading, and hope you enjoyed! Katy x


  1. Germany is not a country that particularly intrigues me: there is not a specific reason, it doesn’t simply attract me and this is why it’s not on my ‘urgent’ list of places I want to visit the soonest as possible.
    Despite that, I can’t deny the beauty of this castle! I spotted it for the first time on an Instagram photo and needles to specify I fell in love with it! And your post definitely made me feel like to take my bag and travel there~
    I’m glad you enjoy your time there 🙂 If it is so beautiful in the summer, I can’t expect how magical it gets during winter!

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