The chunky trainer trend

This trend is certainly one which you either love or you hate, there seems to be no in between. As for me, I am obsessed- the chunkier and the more ‘dad’ like the better. I want to share with you some of my favourites, and also some dupes for both the Balenciaga sneakers and also the raves about Fila Disruptors which are absolutely everywhere.

The Balenciaga’s certainly seemed to have set off this huge trend, often deemed the ‘ugly’ shoe trend. Celebrities such as Kendal Jenner and Bella Hadid rocked these at the start of the year and slowly more and more affordable ones have been hitting the high street (as these retail at around £615)

The Fila Disruptors are probably the most talked about dad shoe on the high street, YouTubers such as Jordan Lipscombe seem to be obsessed, and to be honest so am I. I opted for the all white pair, they have so many different ones and at the moment JD are offering a huge 20% off for students. If you have smaller feet (like me) the junior Disruptors are so much cheaper and exactly the same.

Purchase here (junior all white Fila Disruptors- £60)

Purchase here (adult Fila Disruptors- £80)

Other high street shops have started offering the chunky trainer trend at a fraction of the price. The topshop ‘Cairo chunky trainer’ range has so many different styles, shapes and colours and they start from around £35 so are a lot cheaper than both of the previous.

Purchase here (Topshop- £39)

Possibly the cheapest I have found the chunky trainer is from Pretty Little Thing- retailing at £25. They are so similar to the Fila’s and Pretty Little Thing have so many styles similarly to Topshop, some with the rounded soles and some with the cleated soles so you really cannot go wrong having a look on Pretty Little Thing before you commit to purchasing and jumping on board this trend!

Purchase here (Pretty Little Thing- £25)

Thanks for reading & hope you enjoyed, also sorry if you absolutely despise this trend, I know it’s not for everyone!

Katy x

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